Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that PLEASE FORGIVE ME is going on break, starting Monday, 6/3/19. I am not sure how long the comic will be on break at the moment. My guess at this time that it will be a month or two. But that may change. I’m not sure.

We’re going on break because I haven’t been able to draw at a decent pace lately. My comic buffer kept diminishing more and more, and now I’m just about out of material to share.

Lately, real life stuff has been a bit intense. A family member was in the hospital for a good amount of time and that made drawing at my usual pace difficult.

Also, recently, I went through a rocky patch of intense worry. So I ended up taking a class on how to manage anxiety. I started going to therapy again, too. Right now, I’m feeling much better. The class taught me various exposure therapy methods and CBT stuff.

Thirdly, my work schedule shifted and my job got busier and more stressful. After taking a bit of time off here and there to spend time with my folks in the hospital, I sort of had to catch up with work. That’s where I’m at right now.

Fourthly, I’ve been consciously trying to relax more. Normally, I like to be constantly working when I’m awake. However, I’ve started to allow myself to start playing video games with my wife and friends on weeknights and weekends.

During this break, I’ll still be working on PFM, of course. PLEASE FORGIVE ME is very important to me. It’s got a huge place in my heart. The break will not only give me time to rebuild the comic buffer, but it’ll let Josef and I have more time to iron out more ideas for the future of this series.

If I feel like it, I’ll also work on some of my side projects like Wacky Land, the IT HURTS cartoon, maybe some stupid YouTubes, who knows…

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I’ve turned monthly charging off for the break. Also, when we come back, the first month will be charge-free.

See you in a bit! <3