IT HURTS!! is a comic about a silly boy riddled with depression and anxiety named Pasqualo and how he finds his first love, a mysterious yet super kind girl named Aurora. Pasqualo also has lots of friends, including his best friend Allison who’s a dirty little munchkin and Tubsy who’s a chilled out big fat dude. Over time, strange and crazy things start happening and before you know it, the whole world changes.


  • Gobolatula – Writing and art. I pick up my wacky wacom and kooky keyboard and give this thing my best shot! Please forgive me!
  • Josef Schwem – Official editor. He tells me when my jokes aren’t funny enough and makes me rewrite them. This happens quite often. He also wrote the AWESOME good rap lyrics Pasqualo raps out during the talent show performance.


Q. When does the comic update?

A. Now that IT HURTS is in its final arc and the updates are much longer than usual, the comic’s update schedule is a little weird. Basically I put them on the site when they’re done! Follow me on Twitter! I usually tweet updates about the comics’ progress.

Q. Will you tell me what’s going to happen?

A. No. Anything that I consider to be “spoilery” I won’t answer. I’m sorry for being so annoying! If it’s a fun, silly question like “Does Trisssh’s car have a name?” I might answer you in the comments section. Her car’s name is Ssstacy.

Q. What is Pasqualo’s favorite anime?

A. Sailor Moon (the oldschool version). When his mom took off, she left behind a big pile of anime VHS tapes that Pasqualo grew up on.

Q. Is [name of a character that died] coming back to life?

A. In comic 100, lots of characters died. Allison soonafter came back to “life” as a zombie (she was bitten by zombies). I appreciate all the love for all the characters that passed away, but I can’t say as part of my “no-spoiler” policy. I’m sorry. There’s always a chance that I’ll do “flashback” comics that feature characters that used to be alive.

Q. Are guest comics / fan comics part of the main story?

A. No, unless I mark the title with a “[CANON].” When it comes to fan artists drawing It Hurts comics, I don’t like giving many restrictions. Though, I don’t want to post stuff that’s too sexy (nudity, actual sex, etc) or too “blue” for my tastes (actual racism, actual homophobia, etc). But other than that I encourage artists to do what they want and have fun. From time to time, artists come up with their own interpretations of major plot stuff, and I find it fascinating and flattering seeing what other people would do with my story. Just because it isn’t canon doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate it πŸ™‚ . The guest comics marked “[CANON]” are ones that were written by myself at the request of the artist.

Q. How much of this series did you / do you have planned?

A. I had the talent show event that happened at comic 100 planned from the very beginning. I also knew Pasqualo was a cyborg and Allison was going to be a zombie. Before I started actually drawing It Hurts, I took a lot of time off comic writing and during that time I daydreamed up the whole situation and bounced all my ideas off my friend / current editor Josef.

As for the events that happen after comic 100, the ideas are constantly changing and it’s very chaotic. I essentially threw out almost all of my post-apocalypse plans and came up with new ones several times already.

I know how IT HURTS ends and that hasn’t changed much, but who knows. I might come up with something better. πŸ™‚

Q. What is the origin story of the name “Gobolatula?”

A. I started going by Gobolatula in 1999. My friend came up with the word “gobolatula” to describe his disgust with an Usher song. I thought it was a really funny made-up word so I immediately made it my AIM screen name and it sort of stuck with me since.

If you have any other questions that you think might be good to add here, please post them in the comments section!