thank you!
Hi guys. To those who are already pledging or thinking about pledging to the IT HURTS Patreon, I want to let you guys know that starting in July, I will not be offering any extras and will be removing the milestones. I’m really sorry about this. If you’re a current patron, I understand if you decide to stop donating, that’s totally cool with me.

Long story short, things at my job are getting pretty busy and I’ve decided to go back to school. In the coming months, I wouldn’t be able to promise that I’d have the time to draw the sketch requests, do the stream, and make the podcast each month as well as making sure there’s a comic update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I will also be changing the payments to occur every 14 comics instead of each month. I think this makes a bit more sense, since from time to time I post extra long comics that I’d like to stay on the main page for longer than usual.

To those who have pledged so far I’d like to thank you for helping my dream become a reality: I’m getting paid for making goofy-ass comics.

I’d like you guys to know what I’ve been doing with the money I’ve gotten from Patreon. First of all, I’ve been giving some of it to my friend Josef who’s been my editor / adviser for this comic since the beginning. Secondly, I’ve been setting some of it aside for when I make an animated IT HURTS cartoon. Odds are I’d need some help making that thing. I’d like to pay everyone that helps me with it. Also I’ve been giving a bit of my money to my local animal shelter because I love all sorts of stupid critters.

No, I’m not going on hiatus right now. IT HURTS will keep chugging along and I’ll keep doing my best to entertain you guys. Me and my buddies will still podcast every once in a while and I still plan on eventually putting out a cartoon.

If I get more free time in the future, I will definitely throw back in the extras.

Thank you for being awesome

<3 <3 <3 gob