Hi folks! I’m sorry to say, but the next comic probably won’t be ready until Wednesday. BUT! The good news is, I’ve been working on 449 and 450 at the same time, so hopefully 450 should follow soon after 449. 449 is 3 pages long and 450 is 2 pages long. They’re both pretty neato.

We’re going to be doing another Christmas giveaway! Follow me on Twitter to be eligible to win! Basically, how it’ll work is like this: On a given day, I’ll announce something like “Wanna win this Pasqualo heart? LIKE this tweet and I’ll pick a random winner!” and I’ll do just that. So follow my ass on Twitter and get ready for some goodies!

THE GIVEAWAY BEGINS WEDNESDAY 11/23/16. I’ll tweet the tweet as soon as I wake up and sit in front of the ‘puter. You’ll have a full 24 hours to like the tweet before the winner is announced. For the winner, I’ll DM you on Twitter to get your shipping info.

These hearts were made by Grail and me. I drew the characters and colored them. Grail added some extra awesome touches to the art and skillfully put together the hearts with lots of cool decorations! Sheer craftsmanship.