Hi guys! For anyone who’s interested, here’s the original outlines for these past 19 comics. This is the first time I’ve been this organized, so I think it’s kinda neat to see how I fleshed out / changed these original ideas:

-“Argument” between Katie and Pasq. Not really an argument but Pasq’s depression flares up again and Pasq says something along the lines of “Aurora was the only one who could ever make me happy!” or something really inconsiderate. Katie assures him that she doesn’t hate him when he’s depressed, but she likes to see him strong and knows he has it in him. And that no matter what, he’s a sweet, stupid idiot and she’s never going to give up on him. Pasq is like “WAAHHH!! YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR ME AND ONCE YOU REALIZE THAT YOU’RE GONNA LEAVE ME!!” Ally’s like “I got this. Katie says “thanks.”
-Ally drags Pasqualo away.

-Katie, family, the rest all chat then go their separate ways (to their rooms). Katie and her family fly away on Partyman to explore. Show some neat aerial shots. Don’t be lazy.
-In this one, make sure to touch base with everyone. Rutherford, Bartleby, Jones, Eliza, etc. There’s a chance this could be some peeps’ last appearance.

-Ally and Pasq’s trek down the streets of Hell. They’re on their way to Tubsy. Lots of scenery. Very dreary. Ally notices a hot dog place opening up “in 2 days” and she looks at it, smiling happily. There are both people and demons and “devil guys” walking down the streets. This comic ends with Ally, who’s nervous about seeing Tubsy again. She asks Pasq how she looks. Pasq reassures her, maybe spiffying her up a bit. He says something like “Dude you look fuckin cute as shit” or something. Ally smiles, then they walk around a corner.

-Tubsy, Ally, and Poop reunion. They’re all very happy to see each other again. Pasq smiles at Tubsy.
-Tubsy is a big strong devil dude. Poop has a gigantic fierce wolf body but his stupid little head.

-Tubsy explains his job, tells them about how he just started beating the shit out of demons as soon as he got to hell. “I dunno. It just felt like the right thing to do.”
-Tubsy asks Pasq how his dad’s doing. Pasq tells him that they must’ve gone to Heaven, cuz they didn’t show up.
-Tubsy explains NOPE. Guys go to hell for touching their weenies, women go to hell for sunlight exposure

-Ally offhandedly mentions the hot dog place she saw. Tubsy’s like “whoa cool.” Ally tells Tubsy that they’ll see him tomorrow and that they gotta go check out their apartment.

-They’re in front of their apartment building
-There’s another hellfire burst and Pasq is scared while Ally is like “whatevz”
-A little devil guy welcomes them to the apartment and hands them a highschool schedule.
-They get to their room and it’s REALLY crappy, run down, and small

-Room chit chat part 1. Sort of like a little slumber party

-Room chit chat part 2.

-Room chit chat part 3. Make these 3 parts cute and fun.

-Pasq can’t sleep. Pasq decides to go get groceries (he finds hell money in his pocket)
-On his way, he sees people in an alley stabbing each other for fun and this FREAKS HIM OUT

-Pasq goes into the convenience store. There’s a goofy little devil at the cash register
-Pasq tells the cashier about the people stabbing each other. The devil guy just giggles. “Hehe. Yeah.”
-Pasq asks where the OJ is. The devil guy says “On aisle 4 right next to the cunt blood.”
-Pasq does a double-take and they discuss “cunt blood.”

-A strange man bothers Pasq on his way back. He asks Pasq something creepy like “Can you like my eyes?” or something. Hellfire errupts and disintegrates the creep. Pasq suddenly remembers what Steph said about the hellfire and realizes that he left Ally alone. He runs back to the apartment.

-Ally wakes up and sees Pasq crazily standing guard, standing over her with a fire extinguisher.
-Ally and Pasq have breakfast. Pasq remembers that he said that semi-mean thing to Katie about “Only Aurora making him happy.” He gets sad.
-Ally reassures him and tells him Katie knows he didn’t mean it
-While eating breakfast, Pasq tells Ally about the people stabbing each other. Ally brushes it off as “punk rock” and finds it awesome.

-As they walk to school, Pasq cries and says he hates this place, needs Aurora, etc.
-Ally suggests they make the best of it
-Pasq asks a devil guy where Satan is and tells him they’re friends. Devil guy is like “yeah right kid.”

-They’re at school. Shot of school. Looks like a depressing place. Ally and Pasq are leaned up against the wall, snacking on snacks.
-Trisssh and Mark show up. Mark gives sad Pasq a hard time. Trisssh punishes him for this and then she gives him a “there there” chat.

-Ally says “later” to sad Pasq, who’s about to go to homeroom.
-He peeks into homeroom and sees Katie in there.
-He sadly apologizes to her. She’s like “It’s okay (sincerely)”
-Pasq interprets this as “It’s NOT okay.”
-K: Get your shit together.
-P: I hate this place! We shouldn’t be here! This is all wrong!
-K: Calm down. Don’t worry. This is a whole new world filled with secrets. And I’m gonna uncover them all.

-Algebra II class with Katie, Ally, and Pasq. Pasq is depressed.
-There’s a test. However, the pencil cannot leave the students’ hands until they finish. The longer they take, the more the pencil BURNS.
-Ally and Katie nail it. Pasq’s hand burns until he finishes it, crying.
-A and K get a kick out of it a little. Like “Come on that was easy.”

-PE Class (old coach, too!)
-They have to run the mile. Thing is if they don’t run a certain pace they’ll get stung by wasps.
-Pasq gets wasp’d obviously

-Katie comes with Pasq and Ally to visit Tubsy during lunch.
-As they arrive they see him finishing off some crazy demon
-Pasq comments about how naturally awesome Tubsy is and then cries because he’s not awesome anymore.