Hi folks!

So, as you may have noticed, comic 460 is another long one.

This comic took lots and lots of work and I was very happy to have Grail help me with the art. I apologize for not being forthcoming about the length of this comic during the update break. I felt that if I said, “Hey guys the next one is 10 pages long!” it might’ve given away the fact that this is a big event in the series. I wanted it to be a surprise. Plus, things got a bit crazy at work and there was some other IRL stuff going on. I drew every chance I got still and I plan to keep chugging hard.

Also, I feel like I can let you guys know that this is a MAJOR turning point in the series. The next bunch of comics will be longer as well. Unfortunately, that means that the updates will be sporadic. Hopefully the next comic doesn’t take as long. I’ll keep tweeting about my progress, so please follow me on Twitter!